Where are the Portuguese heading to at Easter?

“Sales and reservations made are clearly higher than the previous year”, said the president of the Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (APAVT), Pedro Costa Ferreira, to Lusa when asked if there was an increase in Portuguese travel abroad in these first months of 2024.

“More are leaving for all destinations. There are more destinations, there are more opportunities, new destinations have emerged, and new ‘charter’ occupations have emerged and are emerging, so all of this points to higher numbers, although we have to look at these numbers with some prudence and with some ability to wait for more definitive numbers”, explained the president of APAVT.

This year, Easter is celebrated on March 31st – unlike last year, which was in April -, which is why the person responsible emphasises that the balance should be made later for the four months and not on the 31st of this month when the closing of the quarter.

But, he emphasises, “the level of bookings in March is already higher and the supply is greater. So yes, the Portuguese continue to travel and at the beginning of the year the data we have is that they are traveling and/or booking more than last year”, Pedro Costa Ferreira highlighted to Lusa.

In terms of choices, “abroad, the first Easter destination is Cape Verde. Cape Verde is a star destination this Easter”, an official APAVT source told Lusa.

Furthermore, “Djerba [Tunisia], the Brazilian northeast, the Caribbean and the Spanish islands are also in great demand this Easter”, added the official.

As for Portugal, Madeira is “in the first place”, and “still with significant sales are the Azores and then several destinations spread out. But as a general rule, all traditional Easter tourist destinations (such as the Algarve or Disneyland) are also selling very well”, concludes an official source.

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