Warwan valley poised for tourism renaissance: Secy Tourism

Warwan valley poised for tourism renaissance: Secy Tourism

Post by Younus Rashid on Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Anantnag, Sept 25: In a significant stride towards bolstering tourism in the picturesque Warwan Valley, Secretary Tourism of Jammu and Kashmir Syed Abid Rasheed Shah outlined a comprehensive plan consisting of a series of initiatives during Warwan Festival.
The festival was organised by the district Administration Kishtwar, Directorate of Tourism Jammu and J&K Academy of Art and Culture.
Warwan is famous for the stunning Valley and most trekkers across Anantnag and elsewhere usually go there on a trip on a routine basis. The festival saw a massive participation of people including tourists.
Secretary tourism while addressing the huge gathering announced eight initiatives mostly for the people of Warwan population.
He announced the Tourist Guide Training programme. He assured the commencement of tourist guide training within the month, exclusively catering to individuals hailing from the Warwan Valley.
“Hospitality and Catering: specialized guidance and training will be extended in the domain of hospitality and catering, providing locals with the skills needed to enhance the tourism experience,” he said.
He said the department will recognise the valley’s preference for preserving its natural landscape, the department plans to register an extensive network of home stays and announced 100 home stay registration, as opposed to hotel construction, to promote tourism.
“We in collaboration with industry giants like “Make My Trip” is underway to provide essential skill courses to the youth. The possibility of conducting courses in Jammu or Srinagar for Warwan’s young population is also under consideration,” he said.
He said, the inception of the first “Yuva Tourism Club” will commence in Warwan, marking the initiation of an innovative youth-centric initiative.
“Given the valley’s prime conditions, rafting will make its debut in Warwan this year, promising an exhilarating experience for tourists,” he announced.
“We are also unveiling the three new trekking routes that present an exciting opportunity for adventure enthusiasts. Efforts will be made to engage Jammu and Kashmir adventure tour operators to promote these routes, attracting both national and international trekkers”, he said.
“Adventure Guides Registration; Tour operators specializing in adventure tourism from Warwan Valley will be registered and may undergo specialized training through the department,” he said.
He further added that these measures will not only redefine the tourism landscape of Warwan but will also lead to a surge in visitor numbers over the next few years. He also emphasized the collective responsibility of residents and visitors alike to ensure the valley remains free of litter, preserving its natural beauty for generations to come.

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