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The forest department in Uttar Pradesh has revised the fees for ecotourism facilities in tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. …
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LUCKNOW: To promote ecotourism, the forest department has revised fee for access to different facilities in tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries of the state this year. The ecotourism season in UP is from November 15 to June 15. A tree hut at Chuka, Pilibhit, can now be booked for Rs 8,000 for one person, Rs 9,000 for two persons and Rs 10,000 for two persons and a child of 12 years to 18 years. In Dudhwa tiger reserve, a room for one can be booked for Rs 5,000 and at Rs 5,500 for two. Two visitors with child (12 years to 18 years) will be charged Rs 6,500 per night.

No amount will be charged for children up to five years of age, but Rs 500 will be charged extra for five-to 12-years old children. No charges for booking a stay in Dudhwa and Pilibhit tiger reserves. All details are available on ecotourism website (upecotourism.in).

In Dudhwa tiger reserve, entry fee to rhino area for one person will now be Rs 200 instead of Rs 700. The charges for a safari vehicle will be Rs 200 per person instead of the previous Rs 600 per person. In Pilibhit tiger reserve, Rs 100 will be charged per visitor for a safari vehicle. The fee for an elephant ride inside and outside the rhino area will be Rs 500 for maximum two hours. The reserve was earlier charging Rs 4,000 for an elephant ride inside the rhino area and Rs 2,000 for an elephant ride outside it. The rate for jungle safari and boat safari has been revised too.

There are 10 tharu huts available at Dudhwa tiger reserve and Kishenpur wildlife sanctuary and four tharu huts and one tree hut at Pilibhit tiger reserve. Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary has tharu huts too.

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