UNITED TOURISM LTD Launches Olympic Tourism Routes for an Inside and Outside the Stadium Experience of Athletic Passion

LONDON; UK, March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 2024 is a big year for sports. With the Asian Cup just concluded, the flames of the European Championship and the Olympics are set to reignite across Europe, bringing the spirit of sports and the passion of competition to the global stage. To enable premium customers to feel the excitement of the stadium and experience the purest form of “fiery enthusiasm” in this special year, United Tourism has taken the lead in launching the “Olympic Business Travel Line” plan, offering direct flights from multiple global departure points to Paris. In July, travelers can leisurely stroll down the Champs-Élysées, soaking in the cultural essence of the City of Love, or witness historic moments of the Olympics on-site.

It’s understood that the “Olympic Business Travel Line,” a 7-day and 6-night initiative crafted by United Tourism, has garnered support from various sectors. Thanks to United Tourism’s business layout and influence in Europe, the Paris Tourism Bureau has opened a green channel for the planning of this special route and provided strong support. The bureau’s staff also offered valuable suggestions on route planning, helping United Tourism to complete the overall planning and formulation of the tourism route. Additionally, through coordination with the Paris Tourism Bureau, Air France has also provided professional support for travel on the Olympic line. A representative from the Paris Tourism Bureau mentioned that the Olympics returning to Paris after 100 years holds special significance for the city. The tourism route planned by United Tourism during the Olympics is beneficial for the development of Paris’s tourism industry and related sectors, stimulating economic vitality in an Olympic year, and fostering people-to-people exchanges. They wish that visitors from around the world will have a memorable travel experience in Paris.

The “Olympic Business Travel Line” not only plans for premium users to experience famous sights and cultural and historical spots in France but also offers them the opportunity to feel close to the competition and even experience it firsthand. Users will be able to watch popular Olympic events in Paris, including badminton, diving, table tennis, and cheer for athletes from around the world. Traditional Olympic sports like equestrian and shooting, which enjoy high popularity and attention in Europe, are also considered in the planning of the Olympic line, taking into account users’ aspirations for these sports. United Tourism, with over 40 offices in Europe, maintains close contacts and deep cooperation with local tourism bureaus and related service organizations, providing users with high-end sports experiences like golf, equestrian, and shooting. This allows users to immerse in local customs and the excitement of the games, while also experiencing the thrill of sports, leaving behind beautiful travel memories.

Currently, United Tourism has maintained cooperative agreements with more than 30 global brand hotel groups and over 450 hotels, becoming a member of the British Travel Trade Association, the British Tourism Association, and the International Air Transport Association, and is a designated ADS tourism service provider by the British Tourist Authority. In Europe, United Tourism has formed unique advantages, and the gradually improving European tourism service matrix is beginning to show synergistic effects. In the future, United Tourism will continue to respond to the real needs of the market and users, deeply cultivating the field to gradually become a leader and advocate for new directions in the industry.

Contact Person: Albert Bernard
Email: info@unitedtourism.xyz
Website: https://www.unitedtourism.xyz


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