Theme park in Saudi Arabia: ‘The Rig’ Promises Thrilling Adventures

Saudi Arabia is all set to unveil its latest adventure tourism offering: the world’s first floating theme park, The Rig. Spanning nearly 1.6 million sq ft, this colossal structure ranks among the largest ever built on water. Constructed on a retired oil rig, this theme park in Saudi Arabia promises not only thrilling rides but also world-class facilities, including hotels, restaurants, and more.

An ambitious theme park that is also an extreme destination! Key details 

Located approximately 40 km off Saudi Arabia’s coast, The Rig offers thrill seekers a chance to enjoy a wide variety of adrenaline-raising experiences, including cable cars, roller coasters, ziplines, and obstacle courses. Over 70 such attractions have been planned for The Rig, complemented by 11 dining venues and three hotels, boasting a combined 800-plus luxurious accommodations catering to diverse preferences.

Moreover, plans are in motion to suspend one restaurant mid-air, elevating dining to thrilling heights. In addition to these features, the theme park in Saudi Arabia will house a retail complex, a pool, an e-sports centre, a cinema, a diving site, a water park, and a Ferris wheel. Accessing The Rig from the mainland promises to be an exhilarating experience, with guests able to choose from seaplanes, high-speed ferries, or helicopters for their journey. Multiple helipads and a state-of-the-art marina accommodating up to 50 boats will ensure seamless transfer for those arriving by air or sea.

Developed by the Oil Park Development Company, a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, The Rig aims to welcome up to 10,000 visitors daily by 2032, redefining the landscape of adventure tourism. This initiative signifies Saudi Arabia’s concerted efforts to diversify its revenue streams and reduce dependence on oil and petroleum products.

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