‘Amsterdam Rules’: Pre-trip quiz aims to deter unwanted tourism

Amsterdam is softening its ‘stay away’ messaging – but it still wants to deter rowdy visitors. ADVERTISEMENT Amsterdam has desperately been trying to shake off its ‘party capital’ image – with limited success. After its 2023 campaign urging drunken British tourists to ‘stay away’ failed, the city is trialling a softer approach. Hoping to attract […]

Trampled by overtourism

From animal-driven carriages to jumbo jets and bullet trains, transportation has enabled humans to become borderless globetrotters in the quest for livelihood and leisure alike. Over time, travel for tourism became an end in itself and transformed into a moneyspinner for a whole ecosystem of businesses and local communities.  The robust growth in tourist activity […]

Why is Galapagos doubling its entry fee for tourists?

The changes will come into force in August. ADVERTISEMENT The Galapagos Islands is doubling its entry fee for tourists. From August 2024, visitors from most countries will be required to pay $200 (€184), up from $100 (€92) currently. The Ecuadorian archipelago is the latest to crack down on overtourism with a hike in tourist tax. […]

Stickers Asking Tourists To ”Go Home” Spotted On Buildings In Spain’s Malaga

Several angry locals in Malaga are raising their voices against the growing influx of tourists As part of a growing anti-tourism campaign in Spain, locals in Malaga have put up stickers on buildings calling for tourists to ”go home”. According to a report by the Independent, stickers on tourist apartments featured phrases including ”stinks of […]

Venice entry fee: Here’s when and how much you’ll have to pay in 2024

ADVERTISEMENT Last November, Venice authorities unveiled a pilot program for their long-mooted plan to charge day-trippers to visit the city.  The tourist tax was due to launch earlier in the year but was delayed over logistical issues and fears it would hit tourist revenue. The council has now confirmed the launch of the online payment […]

All the countries where you have to pay a ‘tourist tax’ in 2024

From Venice to Bali, new fees are being chged to try and combat overtourism. ADVERTISEMENT Overtourism could have been 2023’s word of the year in the travel industry. News of the negative impacts of too many tourists was everywhere. The world’s most popular destinations, like Venice, Barcelona and New Zealand, are struggling to keep visitor […]

Venice puts further limits on tourists to protect the city

The iconic Italian city will restrict tour group sizes as part of its mission to regulate huge crowds and improve local life. ADVERTISEMENT The Italian city of Venice has announced new limits on the size of tourist groups – the latest move to reduce the pressure of mass tourism on the famed canal city. Starting […]

Europe’s strangest tourist rules in 2023

Tourists faced fines for playing music too loudly and taking selfies. ADVERTISEMENT With revenge travel – taking a trip that was cancelled during the pandemic – still prompting soaring visitor numbers, some popular destinations took steps to crack down on overtourism in 2023. Some moves seemed obvious: limiting cruise ships, increasing tourist taxes and capping […]

Kon’nichiwa or Hallo? First, pay a tourist tax

Interchangeably used with visitor levy or accommodation tax, tourist tax is a fee imposed on travellers by a country to help fund local infrastructure, services and tourism. Mostly, the collected fund is reinvested in the destination but in some cases, the fee can limit and regulate people from contributing to overtourism. DOES THE TAX HELP? […]

New tourist tax will soon make visiting Iceland more expensive

The Nordic country wants to protect its ‘unspoilt nature’ from overtourism with a new nightly fee. Iceland plans to introduce a tourist tax to help protect its unspoilt nature. ADVERTISEMENT The Nordic country has seen a sharp rise in tourists over the past decade. Visitor numbers grew by more than 400 per cent between 2010 […]

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