Unique to Ladakh: Pregnancy tourism

The Brokpa region, renowned as the Aryan Valley, unfolds in the Batalik sector of Ladakh, embracing four principal villages—Dah, Hano, Darchik, and Garkon. Within this expanse, a resilient community of 1800 Brokpas has meticulously preserved their way of life and genetic uniqueness, guided by strict social norms and regulations. Initially shrouded in seclusion, the gradual […]

Tourism can help Morocco back on its feet

A few days ago, a catastrophic earthquake shook Morocco – the most powerful the nation has endured in over a century. As for many fellow Britons, this region holds a special place in my heart; I have marvelled at its landscapes and been deeply moved by the unwavering generosity of its people. I have been […]

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