SSGI and the Ministry of Tourism Collaborate to Advance Tourism in Ethiopia

Source: SSGI

The Space Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism to develop and implement an advanced tourist map application, “Visit Ethiopia”, that comprehensively incorporates information about various tourist destinations. This initiative aims to greatly enhance the accessibility of travel information for visitors, enabling them to obtain details about the places they intend to visit effortlessly.

Source: SSGI

Furthermore, there are plans to update and enhance the functionality of the “Visit Ethiopia” application to improve the service provided to users seeking information about destinations within the country. By offering detailed and up-to-date information through the “Visit Ethiopia” application, the tourism sector in Ethiopia stands to benefit. It can attract domestic and international visitors, which often translates into higher spending on accommodation, dining, transportation, and local businesses, thereby boosting economic growth in the country.

Source: SSGI

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