Religious tourism core of Jammu’s tourist axis: Pathania

Udhampur, Apr 13: Ranbir Singh Pathania, BJP spokesperson, inaugurated the traditional Baisakhi Mela at Devika (Nainsoo) on Saturday and highlighted the importance of preserving cultural traditions amidst modern influences.
Organized by the Shiv Mandir Devika Mela Prabhandak Committee, Nainsoo, and supported by the District administration, the three-day Baisakhi Mela on the sacred Devika riverbank attracts wrestlers, visitors, vendors, and devotees from diverse regions.
The historic Baisakhi Mela, locally known as ‘Basoa’, occurring on the eve of the first Baisakh, venerates the significance of the Devika river.
According to legend, Devika is considered Ganga Mata’s elder sister, offering spiritual cleansing to those who immerse themselves in its waters. The festival includes sacred baths, local stalls, and cultural exhibitions that captivate crowds, showcasing the region’s rich heritage to a wider, national, and international audience.
Pathania extended warm Baisakhi greetings, emphasising the festival’s ability to nurture peace, prosperity, and unity in Jammu and Kashmir. He stressed the pivotal role these traditions play in fostering social harmony, uniting communities, and highlighting the area’s cultural wealth. “Such festivals offer a platform for visitors to engage with the Dogra community’s legacy, arts, crafts, and traditions, infusing vibrancy into daily life,” he said.
He highlighted that religious tourism forms the core of Jammu’s tourist axis, as evidenced by events like the Baisakhi Mela at Devika. “These cultural celebrations not only attract visitors but also showcase the spiritual, historical, and traditional richness of the region to a broader audience, contributing significantly to the local economy and cultural exchange,” he said. “With meticulous support from the district administration, Neela’s Mela guarantees a fulfilling experience, celebrating the essence of local traditions and community bonds.”


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