One Love: Jamaican Movie Night for Travel Agents

Travel Agents ready to see “One Love” movie with:
Racquel Queensborough, BDM, Ontario for Jamaica; Tourist Board; Desirée Rolle, Director of Sales- Canada at Couples Resorts; Robert Smith, BDM Unique Vacations Sandals

On Valentine’s Day, the Jamaica Tourist Board partnered with Couples Resorts and Sandals to present an exclusive movie screening commemorating the long-awaited debut of the Bob Marley “One Love” biopic.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Yorkdale’s Cineplex, travel agents, their hands complete with movie snacks, enjoyed the opportunity to delve into the Jamaican culture, captivating music, and legend of Bob Marley.

From L –R – Centre Travel agents Cathy Ieritano, Transat Travel And Iola Panetta, Inclusive-Travel Agency with their +1s

Racquel Queensborough said, “Tonight is our first night with retail agents. Later, we will go to Oshawa, and next week, we will go to St Catherine’s.

“Travel agents have responded with an appreciation of the music of the culture. They were surprised by the Bob Marley story. The movie blew many away, and one agent had to leave the film; she needed to reapply her makeup because she cried so much during the movie.

Movie poster

“To see the One Love title of the movie-going live, I think we all felt that. We want to show everybody we work with. I think it’s so important, especially now it’s Valentine’s Day,” commented Desirée Rolle, Director of Sales Canada, Couples Resorts.

Robert Smith, BDM Unique Vacations Sandals, added, “Racquel Queensborough and Jamaica Tourist Board coined the phrase: ‘Take the one you love to see the movie One Love’ so the agents were able to bring out there plus one, which was amazing.”

L-R Joanne Sammut and Barb Tudino from Cruise Holidays were thrilled by the film’s depiction of Bob Marley’s iconic journey

This OpenJaw reporter was left feeling exhilarated, sad, and, most of all, with a feeling of “One Love.”

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