Northern Malabar brings out its best Kalari moves to attract tourists

Kannur: Northern Malabar is all set to make its presence felt in the tourism map of the state by foregrounding the traditional martial arts form Kalaripayattu. The project aims to lure tourists by displaying the Kalari movements, introducing them to the unique cultural significance of the Kalari tradition, and offering them indigenous Kalari treatment. The North Malabar Tourism Organisation (NOMTO) which was formed by the Malabar Chamber of Commerce by including the entrepreneurs in the tourism sector in this region would be conducting ‘Thattakam’, a mega Kalaripayattu display, featuring 501 Kalari artists, at 4.30 pm, on January 27 at the Kannur police ground.

The cooperation of senior gurus has been sought to let the tourists watch and experience the might of Kalaripayattu at the Kalari or traditional training spaces. Meanwhile, TK Ramesh Kumar, President of NOMTO said that gallery facilities would be arranged in traditional Kalari spaces by associating with entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. These Kalari spaces would then be turned into permanent Kalaripayattu display centres. Interestingly, January is being observed as the month of Kalaripayattu. As part of this, special Kalaripayattu exhibitions would be held at the resorts and homestays. Besides, a flash mob of Kalaripayattu artists performing the various combative techniques and stunts too would be conducted. The representatives of many tourism organisations including the Travel Agents Federation of India would be attending the mega Kalaripayattu to be held on January 27. 

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