New tourist activities to offset seasonality

The Mayor, Bruno Ferreira, said “During the month of April we concentrate on a set of activities that invites people to visit the municipality of Mondim de Basto at this time of year, when, in fact, there is a greater lack of visitors”.

The program outlined for this month is “a showcase” of everything that can be done in this transitional territory between Trás-os-Montes and Minho and includes hiking, off-road tours, bicycle trails, canoeing, rafting and canyoning, paragliding and the Fisgas de Ermelo ‘trail’.

“We combine the best nature spots, outdoor activities, gastronomy and music”, highlighted Bruno Ferreira.

The third edition of “III Rock no Favo” features concerts by Rita Redshoes, Trabalhadores do Comércio and TT Syndicate and, on the 26th, 27th and 28th, the Gastronomic Weekend takes place, held in conjunction with Turismo do Porto and North of Portugal.

Created six years ago by Carla Costa and Fernando Portilho, who after 25 years in the city of Porto decided to return to their origins in Mondim. This is a creative tourism company that wants to “create differentiating experiences”.

The project began with themed trails such as the Shepherd or the Maronesa that revealed the region while also making visitors aware of the professions and their importance for the region. Cycle tourism programs, with electric bicycles, are more recent.

Carla Costa said that “Open your wings until Mondim” is a “great initiative” that helps to give visibility to the municipality and boost local activity, and highlighted that, despite the growing demand for the national market, the biggest challenge is the international market.

“Our objective is to work with the international market to break seasonality”, Costa highlighted. Pointing out that the Easter holidays and the months of July and August are times with the highest demands.

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