New Report: Transforming Global Tourism for a New Generation

Attracting the Next Generation of Travelers: How Dubai and the Middle East Are Transforming Global Tourism

Changes in consumer demographics, behaviors, and values have put the travel industry at a critical juncture. Increases in spending power, ease of travel, and freedom of movement each pose unique opportunities for travel companies and tourism destinations. To accommodate the travelers of the future, they will need to maintain economies of scale, manage overtourism, align with sustainability goals, and plan for critical infrastructure.

In this context, Middle Eastern destinations, led by Dubai and the UAE, are implementing ambitious plans to attract and welcome a new generation of travelers from around the world. They are reimagining travel services to address impending challenges and scale tourism growth to strengthen their economy — becoming models for the future of innovation in the travel sector along the way.

In this report:

  • A data-driven global travel outlook centered on major, long-term trends that have put the Middle East and Dubai at the center of the tourism industry
  • How demographics, demands, and desires of middle class, Gen Z, and “blended” business and leisure travelers are influencing the shift of global travel patterns
  • How Dubai is leading the way with creative and innovative strategies to address industry-wide challenges of overtourism, sustainability, and blended travel 
  • How new technologies are enriching traveler experiences and supporting a more scalable and sustainable tourism model
  • How travel companies can partner with Dubai to capitalize on global and regional tourism expansion

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