Naveli Deshmukh, Miss India Universe 2015, Appointed As Ambassador Of Maharashtra Youth Tourism

The second runner-up Miss India Universe 2015, Naveli Deshmukh became Ambassador Of Maharashtra’s Youth Tourism. She has been chosen as a representative based on her perceived status as a role model for young individuals. Read on to know more about it.

Naveli Deshmukh Appointed As Ambassador Of Maharashtra Youth Tourism

To engage the younger audience and boost tourism, in a recent move, the Maharashtra Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs has appointed Naveli Deshmukh, as the Ambassador of Youth Tourism for the fiscal year 2024-25. The epitome of grace, Naveli is the second runner-up of Miss India Universe in 2015.

Naveli Deshmukh Becomes Ambassador Of Youth Tourism

Hailing from Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, a significant tourism destination in Maharashtra, Naveli Deshmukh, was selected as a representative due to her perceived role model status for young individuals. Her responsibility is to inspire the youth to explore Maharashtra’s rich cultural heritage, pristine natural landscapes, and vibrant urban environments. And, encourage the diverse and alluring travel experiences the state has to offer.

Maharashtra Youth Tourism

For those who don’t know, Naveli Deshmukh holds the title of Miss India Universe and pursues a career as a model and business student. With 14 years of training in Indian Classical dance, specifically Bharatnatyam, she has showcased her skills on the international stage, representing India in dance festivals held in China and Turkey.

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