Nandyal’s three-sector strategy to triumph in tourism

Kurnool: Nandyal administration is embarking on an ambitious plan to unveil hidden treasures within the district for tourists, focusing on spiritual places, archaeological marvels and natural wonders.

When Nandyal turned a separate district headquarters, it gained several important locations. District administration aims to harness the USPs of these locations to bolster tourism and stimulate economic growth in the district.

District collector Dr Manazir Jeelani Samoon said he has asked officials of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) to devise special tourism packages covering renowned temples, historical sites, heritage locations and eco-tourism spots within the district.

Nandyal has prominent temples, such as Srisailam, Mahanandi, Yaganti, Ahobilam and RS Rangapuram Lakshmi Maddileti Swamy. The district has eco-tourism places, like the Nallamala Forest and Nawab Bungalow, apart from heritage spots of Belum Caves, Valmiki Caves, Vengalampalle Cheruvu, Abbireddy Cheruvu and more.

The collector has asked the APTDC to work out logistics and develop one-day tourism packages encompassing these diverse locations.

The packages can include itineraries like Srisailam, Mahanandi, Ahobilam and Belum Caves, which can be covered with ease during a day. Officials are working with endowments department to facilitate quick darshans for devotees taking the APTDC package.

Another day trip can cover Smriti Vanam, Jungle Safari, Chinna Cheruvu, Pacharla and other locations.

Belum Caves in Kolimigundla mandal are just 80 kilometres from Nandyal. These caves, popular since 1982, are the second-largest natural caves in the Indian subcontinent after the Meghalaya Caves.

The Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary in Midthur mandal is approximately 40 kilometres from Nandyal, home to a variety of birds and animals. It is renowned for being one of the last refuges of endangered Great Indian Bustard, a large ground bird resembling a young ostrich or peahen.

District tourism official Ch. S. Satyanarayana said they are in talks with tour operators to initially develop reasonably priced one-day packages for the devout, starting from Nandyal and Dhone. They would expand these packages based on response from tourists.

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