MP govt’s efforts in boosting rural tourism honoured by SKOCH

Bhopal: The efforts of the MP government to boost rural tourism through the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board by organising multi-pronged ambitious programmes in the state have once again been acknowledged by SKOCH.

In appreciation of its sincere efforts that have brought in dividends, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board (MPTB) was decorated with an award in the tourism category for the promotion of rural tourism projects at the 96th SKOCH Summit in New Delhi.

Principal Secretary, Tourism and Culture, and the Managing Director of the Tourism Board, Sheo Shekhar Shukla, expressed his gratitude and complimented the officials of the Tourism Board and the cooperative organizations engaged in the Rural Tourism scheme for this honour.

Shukla said that the award will further inspire the department to work with more energy and enthusiasm for the rural tourism projects. Director Manoj Singh received the award on behalf of the MP Tourism Board at a function held at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.

The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has shortlisted 100 villages in six cultural areas of the state under the Rural Tourism Scheme.

Work has already started in about 30 villages. “We are delighted with the increase in footfall/numbers particularly foreign guests,” informed Shukla.

Along with foreign tourists, domestic tourists are also visiting and have shown interest in these adventurous projects showcasing the rural and cultural legacy of Madhya Pradesh.

The project started by MPTB in 2019 has come a long way and is growing as a potential revenue-generating avenue for the state. Amid due recognition and encouragement by the the central government, many states have adopted and launched the project to promote rural tourism.

This project has seen active participation of the local communities, who are in turn benefitting from the employment opportunities being generated. Under the rural tourism scheme, NGOs are roped in as partners at the grassroots level. Various government departments are also partners in the project, Shukla said.

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