Lata reveals headline speaker for Lata Expo sustainability conference

Darrell Wade, co-founder and chair of Intrepid Travel, will be the headline speaker at Lata Expo’s sustainability conference this summer (26 June).

Darrell Wade, chair of the Intrepid Foundation and vice-chair of the World Travel and Tourism Council, co-founded the B Corp company Intrepid in 1989, with a view to providing travellers with a low-impact way of exploring the world to discover destinations and engage with local communities. Intrepid is the world’s largest adventure travel company and Darrell plays an instrumental role in advancing the industry’s sustainability agenda through his work. 

The Sustainability Conference will see Darrell join a one-to-one fireside chat, making the case for sustainability within a business.  


Wade says “I am delighted to be joining LATA Expo to share insights gained over 35 years at Intrepid Travel.  Sustainable travel is certainly front of mind for many travellers, but it’s a collective effort to make a real impact, and we need to work together rather than as individuals.  Intrepid has embedded sustainability into our very core and it’s an integral part of the business. We can see that the benefit is not just to our customers, but across our staff and everyone we work with in the places we visit. Latin America is a destination rich in examples of community-based tourism with some incredible initiatives across the continent. We need to collectively safeguard the local biodiversity and communities that tourism relies upon, and in turn rely on tourism. I am looking forward to discussing not just the challenges we face as an industry but also sharing some positive success stories.” 


Megan Parkinson, Head of Sustainability at LATA says “We are delighted to have Darrell Wade joining us at the LATA Sustainability Conference. As a trailblazer of sustainable travel, we look forward to hearing how Darrel went from being an entrepreneurial backpacker with a thirst for adventure, to the helm of one of the world’s largest adventure travel companies and B-Corps.” 



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