‘Lack of amenities hitting tourism prospects at Cabo de Rama Fort’ – Times of India

Canacona: The villagers of Khola, fed up with the government’s apathy toward the Cabo de Rama Fort, took it upon themselves to highlight the lack of facilities and upkeep at the historical structure.

The fort receives a fair amount of footfall, and locals are irked because, along with visitors to the fort, they also have to suffer the consequences.

“As there is no toilet facility on the fort’s premises, women visitors go to the houses in the vicinity, asking to use their toilets,” said Cristaline Fernandes, a local.

Fernandes said that while they usually oblige such requests, it compromises their safety. There is no drinking water facility or electricity either.

Two years ago, the government announced that the fort would be renovated, but nothing has materialised since then, said locals, who felt that the government’s apathy was causing them to miss out on tourism opportunities in the area.


“Additionally, the entire area is covered in undergrowth, and plants are even growing on the fort. This can compromise the safety of the structure,” said RG’s Shailesh Naik. He also brought to attention the urgent need for maintenance work on the church. Some of the roof tiles are missing, and the damp will damage the structure, he said.

On the request of the locals, RG functionary Premanand Gaude visited the fort recently.

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