Kerala is going all out to attract tourists with heli-tourism

Tourism Kerala is diversifying its tourism appeal by emphasising its heli-tourism initiative in hilly regions and positioning itself as a premier wedding destination with the aim to attract more tourists.

Kerala Tourism Director PB Nooh told PTI, “In recent years, Kerala has distinguished itself as a top responsible tourism destination. Our commitment to responsible tourism ensures that travelers act responsibly, and a portion of the expenditure contributes to the improvement of local communities.”

Tourism is vital for Kerala’s economy, with the state witnessing a record 1.6 crore visitors from within the country between January and September 2023.

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Additionally, Kerala aims to position itself as an emerging weddings destination, leveraging its scenic locales and robust international air connectivity through various airports.

During a promotional session in New Delhi, Nooh shared that the state government is actively investing in the literary and biodiversity circuits. This involves the creation of museums and attractions to enhance the appeal for domestic travelers.

Moreover, Kerala is embracing adventure tourism initiatives, featuring events like the International Paragliding Festival, International Surfing Festival, and Mountain-Terrain-Biking scheduled for March and April. These efforts collectively showcase Kerala’s commitment to diverse and responsible tourism experiences.

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