Kashmir envisions hosting destination weddings as part of tourism expansion

Srinagar, Sep 23: In a strategic move to position Kashmir as a top wedding destination, the Department of Tourism Kashmir organized a familiarization tour for individuals and businesses involved in the wedding industry from Mumbai. This tour specifically targeted wedding planners, travel agents, hoteliers, and other stakeholders in the wedding corporation.

Secretary of Tourism for Jammu and Kashmir, Syed Abid Rashid Shah, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating that it was aimed to boost wedding tourism in the valley. During the tour, participants were introduced to the majestic beauty of the valley and were given insights into the infrastructure available for hosting dream weddings.

Among the prominent attendees were corporate professionals from Mumbai who were treated to a comprehensive experience of the valley’s attractions and its potential as a wedding destination. Secretary Abid Rashid Shah expressed his hope, saying, “I am happy to see these people are happy, and we are hopeful that in the coming days, some big weddings, including those of celebrities, will take place in the Kashmir valley.”

He further stated that such familiarization tours are instrumental in promoting the Kashmir valley as a preferred destination for weddings. The Tourism Department plans to extend its efforts to showcase the region to Western countries and the rest of the world. Abid Rashid Shah highlighted that Kashmir has already successfully hosted significant events, including the Miss World pageant.

In light of the recent G-20 summit, Kashmir has witnessed a substantial increase in the number of international tourists. Secretary Shah noted that tourists returning from the valley have been singing praises of Kashmir, leading to a surge in international visitors.

Sheldon Santam, the owner of Saffron Synergies in Mumbai, who was part of the tour, expressed his transformed perception of Kashmir. He explained, “When I last travelled here, we wanted to organize a major travel convention, and I had doubts about whether Kashmir could host such events. After this visit, no doubts remain; Kashmir can indeed host any significant event.” He attributed the transformation in the region to the efforts of the state administration and the Government of India.

With the enthusiastic response from industry professionals and the region’s growing appeal to international tourists, it seems that Kashmir is poised to shine as a top choice for dream weddings in the near future. The Tourism Department is committed to further promoting the valley as a wedding and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) tourism destination on a global scale, Shah added.



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