Kangana Ranaut on India-Maldives row: It’s just assumptions that it will bring down Maldives tourism – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

The social media went on full throttle as the recent visit of PM Narendra Modi to Lakshadweep islands led to a few unsolicited, racist, and derogatory comments from Maldivian politicians and officials.
As Indian celebrities and influencers jumped onto social media in support of promoting tourism in Lakshadweep, the furore forced the Malaysian government to take action and distance itself from the comments of its members.
In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Kangana Ranaut, known for her unabashed views on such issues, said, “The kind of tweets they are making about our Prime Minister promoting Lakshadweep island is unwarranted and in bad taste. First of all, he simply promoted his country. Not just Lakshadweep, he is telling everyone to try to hold every wedding in India only. One of his significant agendas has been to build an atmanirbhar Bharat. This is in line with that.”
“At the same time, without making any comment on anybody else, I feel it is just assumptions that it will bring down Maldives tourism,” she quoted, highlighting that it’s just immaturity and fear psychosis and nothing more.
“If people go to Kashmir, that doesn’t mean Manali’s tourism will be cut down. You are encouraging more and more people to travel and explore life. There is no way any tourism is going down. In this Instagram age, people want to go everywhere. That was not the case when we were growing up. Just because the PM is promoting Lakshadweep and trying to increase tourism in India, that doesn’t give license to these people from Maldives to call that place filthy, dirty, and smelly. It’s so immature and simply unacceptable,” Kangana further added.
Stressing the importance of supporting domestic tourism and industry, the actress said, “I feel India is beautiful, offering a kaleidoscope of nature-rich spots. It is not just holidays but also weddings and other expenses like indigenous clothing and jewellery that PM has been trying to promote through his efforts. What is the harm in it? It will only make us stronger and one of the leading economies.”
Reacting to the widespread social media condemnation, the Maldives government announced the suspension of its three ministers over derogatory remarks against India. Welcoming the move, Kangana said, “Apparently, some action has been taken, and it’s welcoming. I think it’s a good approach that somebody who is racist has been condemned officially.”

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