Jammu and Kashmir seeing a tourism boom, here’s why?

The beauty of Jammu and Kashmir continues to bloom as the region witnessed a surge in tourists last year. The region is overall seeing a tourism revival after the abolition of Article 370. The hosting of G20 meetings also played a pivotal role.

Jammu and Kashmir experienced a huge influx of tourists in 2023. A total of over 2 crore tourists flocked to the region in the last year, impacting the economy of the region positively. The government’s dream of making Kashmir a global tourism hub was pushed with many international events taking place in the Kashmir valley like the G20 Tourism Working Group meeting and the Miss Universe Press Conference.

That’s not all the launch of Mercedes Benz’s electric vehicle happened in Gulmarg. Apart from this, more than 50 movies were shot in J&K in the last year. The statistics speak volumes about the tourism sector, with more than a 150% increase in overall tourist arrivals in 2023 compared to the preceding years. Locals said the stability in law and order has helped their business a lot

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