Idukki Gap Road: What’s in store for tourists?

A journey to Idukki is often incredible with the nature charming with its amazing sceneries. The New Cheruthoni Bridge awaits us on the trip through the Thodupuzha-Kattappana route. Next to it stands the Old Cheruthoni Bridge, which brings a deluge of memories, staying as the symbol of strength and survival. As you cross the bridge travel further and get past Kattappana to reach Munnar, there is a new way where the road itself becomes part of a grand frame. That is the Gap Road. Once the work on the Munnar-Bodimettu road is completed soon, the Gap Road is sure to become the favourite route of tourists and travellers. Let’s check what the specialities of Cheruthoni Bridge and Gap Road are:

New Cheruthoni Bridge to resist deluge
The speciality of the New Cheruthoni Bridge is its modern design and excellent structure that can beat floods and natural calamities. The bridge, built in three spans at 40 meters in height, is 120 meters in length. The width is 18 meters, including the walkways on both sides. Its specialities include crash barriers, handrails, and an area for the differently abled to walk. The work on the approach road, which has a 90-metre length and three-metre width, is progressing. A pathway will also be constructed from service roads to descend to the old bridge.

A symbol of strength
The old bridge, which remains as the memorial of the mega deluge and the resurrection from it, will now be limited to small vehicles and cars. Canadian engineering expertise crafted the bridge to bring articles for the construction of the Idukki Arch Dam. A whopping 16 million water gushed in per second during the 2018 mega deluge, but the bridge was unfazed. Though huge ebony trunks and tough teak woods that can’t be tackled by even a tusker hit it in the rushing current, the structure remained intact.

Indian engineers refer to the Cheruthoni Bridge as a submersible bridge. Even if water covers such bridges at a height of one meter, they don’t suffer any damage. During the deluge, water flowed at a height of three meters over the Cheruthoni bridge.

Sights without a gap!
Once the 42-km road from Munnar to Bodimettu on the Kochi-Dhanushkodi National Highway is finished, the trip to Munnar will be a visual delight. You’ll find the most picturesque section of the Gap Road, 13 km away from Munnar, between Devikulam and Periyacanal. The prime attraction is the clouds that carry hills in their laps. The distant view of the Muttukad Paddy field through the gap between clouds is a mesmerizing experience. If the sky is clear, most of the places in the high ranges can be seen from here. The Gap Road is below the Chokramudi Hills. There is enough space for vehicle parking as well.

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