Himachal Tourism: HRTC To Provide Luxury Buses For Tourists Traveling To Chandigarh, Delhi, Haridwar; Check Details

The Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) Kullu Depot began its bus services offering five luxury buses for tourists leaving for Delhi, three for Chandigarh, and one for Haridwar.

Currently, the buses will operate from Patlikuhal to Manali but within two to three weeks, these Volvo buses are expected to operate directly from Manali. Meanwhile, roads were damaged due to floods on July 9 and 10, halting all the bus services.

After the roads were restored, Volvo buses also began operating from Patlikuhal, 15 km from Manali. Jagdish Kumar, HRTC Manali depot in-charge, said that five luxury buses are leaving for Delhi, three for Chandigarh, and one for Haridwar.

He also said that at present, passengers are being sent in deluxe buses from Patlikuhal to Manali. Once the road condition improves, these buses will directly operate from Manali.

Check Schedules

Kumar said that luxury buses have been scheduled to leave for Chandigarh at around 8 AM and 10 AM. For Delhi, buses are scheduled to leave by 3 PM and 4 PM. Buses will leave for Haridwar at around 4.30 PM. At around 5 and 6 PM for Delhi again. Buses will leave for Chandigarh again in the evening at around 7.30 PM and for Delhi at around 8.00 PM.

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