Gujarat announces submarine tourism to debut in Dwarka by Diwali 2024

After Kerala announced that it will soon start ‘helitaxis’ to showcase scenic places to tourists in the state by air, Gujarat declared a groundbreaking move, where in the state would debut submarine tourism in Dwarka by Diwali 2024.

Gujarat Tourism Minister Mulubhai Bera told ANI that the government has signed an MoU for a submarine near Dwarka. “People will be able to see marine creatures at a depth of 300 feet from a submarine in the sea near the island of Dwarka. Details of it will be declared during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Around 30 people will be able to travel on a two-hour trip. It is expected to change the tourism sector in Gujarat.

The pioneering venture by the Gujarat government will unveil India’s inaugural submarine tourism experience in Dwarka. Teaming up with Mazgaon Dock Limited (MDL), the state plans to explore the captivating marine life surrounding Bet Dwarka, an island steeped in Hindu mythology off the coast of Dwarka city, according to multiple reports.

Anticipated to be operational by Diwali 2024, the submarine tourism facility promises an extraordinary adventure, allowing tourists to submerge 100 meters below the sea’s surface. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness the marine ecosystem around the island, believed to house a submerged city with mythological origins linked to Lord Krishna.

Drawing inspiration from the famed Titanic submersible expedition, this initiative signals a groundbreaking addition to Gujarat’s tourism landscape. The project’s formal announcement is slated for the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Times of India reported.

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The submarine, weighing approximately 35 tonnes, is designed to accommodate 30 passengers. Seating arrangements will include two rows with 24 tourists, strategically positioned beside window seats for an immersive viewing experience. Gujarat Tourism’s Managing Director, Saurabh Pardhi, highlighted the project’s distinctiveness, emphasizing its potential to significantly elevate tourism in the city.

As Dwarka annually attracts a multitude of tourists due to its religious significance, particularly the revered Dwarkadhish Temple, the introduction of submarine tourism adds a thrilling dimension to the city’s offerings, promising an unforgettable exploration of the mystical depths beneath the waves.

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