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KOTTAYAM: A German couple, who wished to spend a few days in a homestay in a Kerala village close to the forests, were sent to the wrong location by Google Maps.

Ending up at the wrong house in Erumely, the tourists found themselves lost and stranded. Though the arrival of the tourists brought local residents to the spot none of them were able to communicate with them properly.

Luckily for Julian and Laureen, who were from Friedberg, their ordeal ended after someone from the crowd contacted ward member Binoy Elavumkal. His wife is working as a nurse in Stuttgart Germany and had come home on a vacation.

“They were led to our house they were relieved to know that there was someone who knew German,” said Reny, Binoy’s wife. Reny had gone to Germany nine months ago and before leaving she had learned German. The couple were served food and later taken to a homestay in the region where they checked in.

Sources said such mix-ups caused by Google Maps have taken place earlier as well. According to Binoy, the address of the house has been listed incorrectly on Google Maps. The tourists were looking for Haneefa Homes but reached Mohammed Shameer’s house, instead.

Mohammed Shameer, son of Haneefa, said that he had marked his residential address on Google Maps as Haneefa’s Home, but it is showing up as Haneefa’s Homestay. The couple came in a taxi from Alappuzha and were directed straight to Haneefa’s house in the village by Google Maps on

“The couple were here to experience life in a village close to the forest. Residents turned up in large numbers and they wanted to take photographs with the couple. The couple got scared,” Shameer added.


Now, panchayat member Benoy has a task cut out before him—to remove the homestay tag from Haneefa’s address on Google Maps.

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