How do i cancel a trip?

Call us right away. If it’s after normal business hours, please contact the next involved travel supplier
(airline, hotel, tour operator, cruise line) to cancel any reservations you will not be able to use.
If you purchased travel insurance, please contact the insurance company’s 24-hour line to start the cancellation
process and ensure your maximum refund.

How do I obtain Essential Trip Information with full details of my trip?

Make sure you bring these with you. Every trip has a set of Essential Trip Information,
accessible on our website, that gives you in-depth information about all aspects of your trip.
To access your Essential Trip Information, please visit your trip’s specific facts page on our website.
The Essential Trip Information are accessible at the top of this page.

What Travel Documents Do I Need ?

One must possess a passport which is valid for minimum 6 months from the date of entry into India.
Many countries have been included in the list of countries whose citizens are provided E-Visa facility
provided they apply 72 hours in advance. Other nationals need to obtain Indian visa in advance to enter India.

How Should I Travel Around in India ?

The best way to travel within India is to travel by road as this offers you an opportunity to have a glimpse of real
INDIA as you can visit en-route villages and small forts at your own pace which is not possible by air or by train.
But, if you are travelling to long distance, then taking a flight or trains can be more convenient and to save time.

How Do I Plan My Tour ?

It is simple with us. You may get details of well designed tour packages in our digital brochure.
if want a particular tailor made tour, let us know your requirements and we can help you designing your
trip keeping in mind your specifications and budget.

How Can I Book My Tour with You ?

We normally need an advance amount once we are able to confirm you arrangements for the tour. The amoutn depends on the services you may require for the tour. This can be paid through bank transfer (before arrival) credit card, traveller’s cheques or cash. We need balance payment before arrival. The exact terms will be given at the time of reservation.

What about Payment Terms ?

If you are interested in booking any of our brochure tours, you may, You may simply send us an email giving us your details.

What Star Rating Are Your Hotels ?

We provide minimum Standard category hotels which mean 3 star hotels, superior or First class of hotels are 4 star or
equivalent and deluxe hotels which are 5 star or 5 star deluxe hotels. At few places, deluxe or first class hotels are
not there and in such case, we shall provide best available hotels which may not confirm to deluxe or first class category.
We also include heritage / palace and charming boutique hotels in our packages and can send you special cost for tours with hotels as per your choice.

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