Evolving trends in hospitality for offbeat destinations

The travel and tourism industry is an evolving one that is always adapting to new trends and innovations. The growing desire for unusual travel places and experiences is one such trend that has gained prominence in recent years. Conventional travel methods are becoming less popular as tourists look for opportunities to engage with the local people, culture, and history. Immersion in the full experience has replaced the idea of merely travelling to a place. One of the most noteworthy developments in the hospitality sector is the growing appeal of less-travelled locations to tourists. Nestled away from the busy tourist centres, the undiscovered treasures provide a distinctive and genuine experience that appeals to today’s tourists.

It is witnessed that the demand for authenticity and cultural immersion is among the most notable shifts in contemporary times. More and more tourists are looking for deeper connections with the places they visit, yearning for encounters beyond just the surface-level and clichéd.

In offbeat places, technology is having a big impact on how visitors are treated. Travellers increasingly search for accommodations that provide contemporary conveniences and connection, even in distant regions, as the concept of digital nomadism and working remotely has become more popular. Multiple offbeat destinations have embraced technology to enhance the guest experience, offering high-speed internet and mobile check-in options to cater to the needs of tech-savvy travellers.

A growing number of hotels are taking on the role of experience curators as demand for experience-driven travel rises. They provide more than just cosy beds and hotel service. Rather, they offer a variety of adventure activities, farm-to-table eating experiences, culinary and baking lessons, therapy treatments, and guided tours among other options. One exemplary instance is that in the peaceful hills of Kasauli against the backdrop of the picturesque Himachal region, there is a village-themed resort that offers a unique experience tailored for the modern generation, many of whom have never had the opportunity to venture into the heart of a village. Standing as the sole of its kind in Himachal Pradesh and embracing the simplicity of village life, such off-centre places are great to unwind and immerse in the embrace of nature. 

The move for unusual and genuine travel experiences has also been hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic. People started reassessing their holiday priorities in the wake of the outbreak. The experiences that lie ahead matter more than the final destination. More and more tourists look for adventures in uncharted territories, wishing to fully experience a destination’s native beauty, gastronomy, and culture. 

In the future, as more people want to discover new places and get away from the throng, it is anticipated that demand for unusual experiences will only increase. As a result, from the menu to sustainable choices, the hospitality industry is geared up to give visitors memorable, immersive experiences.

There are tremendous prospects for innovation and expansion given the changing patterns of hospitality for varied destinations. By staying mindful of the changing needs and tastes of travellers, it can aid in reimagining guest interactions and optimising the potential of these undiscovered gems, making the most of every aspect of their appeal.

The author is Director of Echor Hotels & Resorts

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