Dima Hasao: India’s cleanest district in Assam; also home for ‘suicide village’ of birds

Dima Hasao, a hill district in Assam, had long been more famous for its dreaded militancy than its scenic beauty. This emerging destination, however, is now nicknamed the Switzerland of North East India. Known as one of the most peaceful and exotic locations with a climate that matches the famed destinations of Europe, Dima Hasao is also famous for its cleanliness. Capitalizing on these aspects, the tourism sector here is on a drive to augment the tourism infrastructure to draw more visitors. As part of its endeavor, tourism circuits are being established in five different spheres; adventure, environment, village life, agriculture, culture, and festival. Plans are also afoot to convert the district into a total plastic-free zone and thus make it the cleanest district in the country as well.

Dima Hasao is also on the frontline to tap the emerging market for destination weddings in the country and has developed the Umrangso township as a major destination wedding location. The region, which can also be explored as a botanical and zoological hub for various studies and educational purposes, boasts a scenic golf course as well. Dima Hasao is well-connected with the rest of Assam and the country by road and railway network. The rail journey to and fro this destination presents a memorable experience to the visitors as the train traverses through the picturesque region on a zig-zag track, which passes through a number of tunnels and dozens of vintage bridges along the course of beautiful hilly rivers.

The number of visitors has risen further since the opening of the Vistadome Tourist Special Train Service between Guwahati and Haflong in August 2021. Haflong city, known for its fabulous weather and scenic beauty, has remained a famous destination since the British period. The township is developed and maintained in colonial style with systematic gardens, well-planned footpaths, motorable roads, residential houses and bungalows, golf courses, motels, educational institutions, playgrounds, and parks. Jatinga, a village known for the mysterious phenomenon of the suicide of birds, is located just nine kilometers away from Haflong. It is widely visited by ornithologists and tourists across the globe for the migratory birds that visit here in September-November. Other major destinations of Dima Hasao like the Hajong Lake, Panimur Waterfalls, Laisong, Maibang, and Umrangso, etc have lots of avenues for mountaineering, tracking, rafting, water sports, and eco-tourism.

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