Cable Car To Redefine Tourism Landscape Of Dominica

In a historic leap towards redefining the Caribbean travel landscape, Dominica is now home to the most ambitious tourism endeavour in its history. The island has commenced the construction of the world’s longest detachable mono cable car project. 

Upon completion, the project will set a new Guinness World Record and position the island as the jewel of the Caribbean. 

Under the guidance of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and by the efforts of Minister for Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives Denise Charles, this monumental initiative promises to transform Dominica into the region’s most coveted destination.

The cable car, spanning an unprecedented 4.1 miles (6.6 kilometres) from Roseau Valley to the World’s Second Largest Boiling Lake, promises to redefine travel expectations. 

What was once an arduous 7-hour trek to the boiling lake will now be a swift 20-minute journey, granting visitors and locals unparalleled access to Dominica’s breath-taking natural wonders.

This visionary project is being undertaken by ABL Holdings in collaboration with Doppelmayr, the world’s oldest cable car construction company with over a century of trailblazing engineering expertise.

During the construction phase, more than 100 locals will find employment, injecting much-needed income into the local economy.

As per reports, over 100 direct jobs will be created for the operation of the Cable Car and maintenance, complemented by an additional 200 indirect jobs in the thriving tourism and hospitality sector upon completion.

“The Government of Dominica is propelling the country to new heights, aiming to make Dominica one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Caribbean,” said Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. 

“The cable car project exemplifies our commitment to transformative tourism and sustainable growth,” he further added.

Upon completion, the Cable Car Dominica will not only captivate tourists and travel enthusiasts but will also beckon cruise ship visitors to disembark and explore the wonders of Dominica. 

This innovative transportation marvel is poised to triple tourist numbers, offering an unprecedented opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s natural splendour.

“The Cable Car Dominica signifies our dedication to innovation and sustainable tourism. We are on the brink of a transformative journey, where Dominica’s unparalleled beauty meets cutting-edge technology, creating an unparalleled experience for travellers worldwide,” emphasized Tourism Minister Denise Charles.

As construction of the cable car project gains momentum, Dominica eagerly anticipates welcoming visitors to embark on this extraordinary journey, marking a new chapter in the island’s tourism legacy.

The Cable Car Dominica will revolutionize the island’s cruise tourism industry. Currently,  there is only a modest 20% disembarkation rate for cruise ship passengers. However, the imminent completion of the detachable mono cable car is expected to dramatically alter this landscape, with projections indicating a surge in visitor engagement to over 50%.

This shift holds immense promise for Dominica’s tourism sector. Each cruise ship docking at its shores brings approximately 5,000 passengers, totalling 10,000 with two ships. 

With the anticipated arrival of six cruise ships during the season, the island is poised to welcome an unprecedented influx of visitors.

The cable car project’s transformative impact is set to multiply these numbers exponentially, positioning Dominica as a must-visit destination and unlocking a new era of exploration for cruise ship travellers eager to experience the island’s unparalleled beauty and rich cultural heritage.

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Published on: Thursday, November 09, 2023, 03:22 PM IST

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