Blue Lagoon Iceland to Reopen to Tourists

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While Blue Lagoon was closed for over a month, other attractions have remained opened. Tour operators have not seen a drop in demand.

Blue Lagoon Iceland will reopen its geothermal spa and some restaurants to guests on December 17, it said in an statement Friday.

The Blue Lagoon had closed on November 9 due to earthquakes in the area and a predicted volcanic eruption. As of December 16, a volcanic eruption has not occurred and Blue Lagoon’s operators decided to reopen after consulting with local authorities.

There was minimal damage from the earthquakes. “Despite the events of the last few weeks, damage to our buildings and the infrastructure, including encompassing pipelines, electricity, and other key components, was minimal and they remain in excellent condition,” said Helga Árnadóttir, chief operator of sales, operations, and services at Blue Lagoon Iceland.

What will open: Blue Lagoon, Blue Café, Lava Restaurant, the Retreat Spa, Spa Restaurant, and the on-site Blue Lagoon Skincare store will be open from 11:00 to 20:00 GMT.

Silica Hotel, Retreat Hotel, and Moss Restaurant will be closed until 7:00 GMT on December 21, 2023. 

Restrictions: Roads are only open to buses. Visitors and guests with existing reservations will not be able to drive their own vehicles.

Other Tourist Site Have Stayed Open

While Blue Lagoon was closed for over a month, other attractions have remained opened. The Golden Circle, the South Coast and the Northern Lights have stayed open.

Tour operators have not cut their trips to Iceland or seen a drop in demand. “[The volcano’s] been a non-starter,” said Jason Susinski, director of product for Kensington Tours. “Clients are still going.”

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