Bengal CM talks of her govt’s promotion of religious tourism, while Centre gears up for Ram Mandir inauguration

Talking in the context of citizenship rights, and CAA – the legislation that seeks to offer citizenship to persecuted minorities from (selective) neighbouring countries, Banerjee told the gathering that they – the people – are already citizens of the country. Otherwise, how are government services, and documents – PAN, Aadhaar, and ration cards – being offered, she questioned. The chief minister said that it’s inappropriate to offer citizenship selectively.

Hitting out at her political opponents, with the BJP in focus, Banerjee said that the I.N.D.I.A alliance will be in place all over the country, and in Bengal, it is the Trinamool Congress that will fight, and can “teach the BJP a lesson”. She said that it’s her party alone that can show the country a path.

Banerjee stated that minorities across the country are facing atrocities which should be stopped. She asked students, and youth to come forward.

Mentioning a list of names of the religious and spiritual destinations, the chief minister mentioned the contributions made by her government for these places. She cautioned, apparently, a section of her political opponents to refrain from indulging in politics of religion, and not to get funded by the BJP for doing so. “Remember, it’s we, who will stay in power,” she said.

Banerjee reminded people of the under-construction temple at Digha, and about her government’s efforts for all sections of people, irrespective of their individual faith. She told the gathering that efforts could be made to have Trinamool’s votes split.

The chief minister reminded the members from the minorities that their social and financial security have been taken care of by her party-led government. “Bengal has to be kept with the Trinamool Congress. If we get less seats, then BJP’s atrocities will intensify further, in different ways…,” she said.

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