10 days, 4 cities & 500+ tourists — Maharashtra all set to hold 1st International Ganesh Festival

The rationale behind this project is to promote and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra, using the International Ganesh Festival as the main event to attract global attention. Speaking to ThePrint, Dr B.N. Patil, director, tourism, Maharashtra, said: “We’re utilising the International Ganesh Festival as a central attraction, intending to capture global attention. Through a structured approach, we hope to amplify tourism and deepen the appreciation for our traditions among both local and international visitors.”

“Our vision is to expand the scale of the festival, incorporating more interactive events, workshops, and performances that showcase the diversity of Maharashtra. We also aim to strengthen our collaborations with global partners, ensuring that the International Ganesh Festival becomes a sought-after annual event on the global cultural calendar,” he added.

So far, the department has registered over 500 tourists under this programme, which also includes international tourists. Among them, 120 tourists and about 160 expatriates and consulates are from Thailand. On the domestic level, 50 are from the travel trade sector, and around 100 are influencers.

The tourism department will take the tourists across the four cities, with a tour designed specifically for each city.

In Mumbai, tourists will visit the famous Siddhivinayak temple and the Ganesh Galli, which is known for its elaborate decorations.

In Pune, the tourists will experience the “vibe of Pune” and the famous Shaniwar Wada, a fort palace.

In Palghar and Ratnagiri, the tourists will participate in cultural workshops, such as to learn Warli art, and explore the city.

(Edited by Richa Mishra)

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